Customization of black and white label product to your needs, being different than our competitors is extremely important to Al-Salam. The company is preparing a platform they’d be able to customize completely. The “essentials” are:

  •  user-friendly apps for both passengers and drivers
  •  easily operated automated/dispatch panel
  •  highly automated drivers management

Another essential demand is using Al-Salam’s own design: logo, color scheme, the whole branding. “We need to be different, to be loved for who we are. It’s not easy to enter even a small town here in Saudi Arabia: each town is a community, nobody likes strangers there. We

need to make sure people know and trust Al-Salam. Being functional and recognizable are the top priorities, thus.”

Application design

Optimize your app, because the paid acquisition is no remedy, trying to optimize our apps for the App Store and Google Play. The following are important for designing of this application;

  • The app icon
  • Screenshots and video
  • Name of the app
  • Keywords
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Localization
  • Monitoring


Launching in the world’s busiest cities meant attracting customers and new drivers. Looking for a right tool to do that, Al-Salam chose for social media marketing. “We want everybody to talk about Al-Salam. So, we need to choose the most suitable channels, but also to cast our social influencers wisely. Working with the celebrities followers are just jealous of did not fit us. We need people who are truly loved.” To find the right influencers, the founders of Al-Salam have some hardcore customer development plans. They will settle behind the steering wheels themselves and asked the clients simple questions: “Who do you follow? Who do you really trust?” This is the reliable way to learn about the most respected influencers, but also about the most relevant channels.

At the first stage of promoting, Snap-chat and Instagram marketing will work best for Al-Salam. As the company wants to attract people of lower and middle incomes, engaging young clients via Snap-chat is a good decision. Instagram promotion is targeted at middle-class people in their 30’s and 40’s. We shall never hesitate to ask them for a referral or to ask who they follow on social media. This is what our best drivers keep on doing.” For more marketing, Al-Salam will invest more in professional support. When the business will expand and go to the many cities, Al-Salam will hire a local marketing agency.

“Local marketers have a huge advantage: they know all the regional specifics, understand the way of thinking here. Hiring an agency allowed us to focus on our services, while specialists are dealing with

the PR.”


It is our top priority to provide service with care to our valuable customers by maintaining up-high standard.  These are major points which make us first choice in the market.

24 X 7 Service
Guaranteed CHEAP Fares !!!
Quality Care of Customers
Good Condition Cars
Create Communities not just users
MAintaining a well reputable and un tarnished reputation in the Market

If You Have Any Questions?

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We Provide Drivers

We hire drivers then educate and motivate for marketing of our brand well. Our drivers are our partners !!!









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